• Arch., Structural, MEP & Interior Design
  • Supply all materials related to construction contracts
  • Piles ( all types )
  • Earth works and site preparation
  • Civil works
  • Finishing works
  • Electrical works
  • Mechanical works
  • Plumping works
  • Survey works
  • Project management
  • Quantity survey
  • Consultants
  • Client Technical support

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Project Name Location Start Date Description Total Area (m2) Status Contract Type
Cadmus School Baghdad 2020 Part B (2Storey Bldg) and part C (4Storey Bldg) 6100 Under Construction Concrete Works
Saed Al Shohadaa Compound Karbala 2019 12Storey Religious School and TV Station Building 6000 Under Construction Concrete Works
ATCC Building in Karbala Airport Karbala Airport 2019 Control Compound Bldg in Karbala Airport 1800 Delivered Concrete Works
Administration Building Karbala Airport 2019 Admin Building in Karbala Airport 730 Delivered Concrete Works
Met Observation Building Karbala Airport 2019 Met Observation Building in Karbala Airport 600 Delivered Concrete Works
Main Substation Building Karbala Airport 2019 Main Substation Building in Karbala Airport 1497 Delivered Concrete Works
Pilgrim Oasis Karbala 2018 Under Ground Toilets and Ablution Compound 1500 Delivered Turnkey Job
Dentistry College (Al Kafeel University) Najaf 2018 5Storey Concrete Building 9000 Delivered Concrete Frame Masonry works and Finishing
Qibaa Hotel Karbala 2017 13Storey Hotel Building 3315 Delivered Turn Key Job
Twin House Karbala 2017 Twin House Building 660 Delivered Turn Key Job
Jarash Park Karbala 2017 Multi Store Parking Lot 3200 Delivered Concrete Works
Al Umaraa Hotel Karbala 2017 10Storey Hotel Building 4500 Delivered Concrete Works
Crystal Pearl Hotel Karbala 2016 11Storey Hotel Building 3740 Delivered Turn Key Job
Al Alqami Hotel Karbala 2017 6 Storey Hotel Building 450 Delivered Turn Key Job
Ajyad Hotel Karbala 2016 8 Storey Hotel Building 1920 Delivered Concrete and Masonry Works
Al Shakarji Hotel Karbala 2016 4 Storey Hotel & Commercial Building 2400 Delivered Concrete and Masonry Works
Twin House Karbala 2017 3 Storey House Building 1020 Delivered Turn Key Job
Primary School Karbala 2016 4 Storey School Building 1980 Delivered Concrete Frame and Masonry Works
Al Naqeeb Building Karbala 2015 7 Storey Commercial Building 2100 Delivered Concrete Frame and Masonry Works
Commercial Building Karbala 2014 7 Storey Commercial Building 1400 Delivered Concrete Frame and Masonry Works
Al Quraishi Commercial Building Karbala 2014 4 Storey Commercial Building 1200 Delivered Concrete Frame and Masonry Works